Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering Integrated Doctoral Program

About Department

Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering focuses on the design, development and fabrication of metal, ceramic and polymer-based engineering materials and nanomaterials, starting from natural or synthetic raw materials of inorganic and organic origin, where basic science and engineering applications are combined, and the adaptation of their properties to technical needs in various industrial branches. It is an interdisciplinary field that has a close relationship with all engineering branches, biomedical and biotechnology fields, dentistry and medicine. Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering focuses on the most suitable raw material, production method and product to ensure the microstructure-property and performance cycle for the production of the most suitable material. Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering provides education in case of properties and characterizations at macroscopic level, as well as examining the atomic and molecular structures of any kinds of materials. It is the only engineering program in this field. In addition to the development of new materials, it is also concerned with the production processes that will make existing ones healthier and safer.

Educational Purposes


The aim of the integrated doctoral program in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering is to train graduates who can conduct research and development studies on advanced materials and nanomaterials, which are one of the important needs of the sector, can take part in the production and design of these materials, and can conduct scientific research studies in qualified educational institutions in our country and abroad.


The aim of the Integrated Doctoral Program in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering is to train engineers who can develop original products, conduct advanced research, and take part and manage educational activities under the light of subjects such as Materials Science, Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.

Application Requirements

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