Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate Student

  • Do you have non-thesis programs?

Answer: Detailed information about our programs can be found on “” page.

  • Do you have programs with the Turkish language?

Answer: Detailed information about our programs can be found on “” page.

  • How many semesters do ı have to finish?

Answer: Graduate students have to complete the program at the end of 6 semesters, PhD students have to complete the program at the end of 12 semesters, and Integrated PhD students have to finish the program at the latest after 14 semesters.

  • Do you have MSc/Ph.D. classes in the evening?

Answer: We do not have evening classes. All our classes are between 09.00 and 18.00


  • How can ı choose courses?

Answer: You can select courses through the student information system (OBS) within the date range specified in the university’s academic calendar. In any problem do not hesitate to contact the institute.

  • How many courses can ı choose?

Answer: You can access detailed information by “” page.

  • I am late for course selection time; what are my options?

Answer: You must complete and deliver the A7 course registration form to the institute immediately. You can find this form on our website under the documents/petitions and forms section.

  • I do not know who my advisor is.

Answer: You can access this information from OBS.

  • When do I have to submit my thesis after the defense?

Answer: There is a 1-month process to give your bind after the defense. Details of the process can be found on our web page “Tez Teslimi Süreci” adresimizden erişebilirsiniz.

  • Can I deliver my thesis without a binding if I am late?

Answer: No, you can not.

  • When does the Institute Board meet?

Answer: Unless an extraordinary situation occurs, the Board of Directors of the Institute convenes on the third week of each month.

  • Will my diploma be issued immediately after the Board?

Answer: Your diploma will be prepared in about two weeks.

  • Do you extend the military postponement?

Answer: Student certificate, transcript, and postponement is done by Merkez Öğrenci İşleri.

  • How can ı get my OBS password and e-mail address?

Answer: You can get an OBS password and e-mail address by sending an e-mail to, including your student number.

  • When can ı get my student certificate?

Answer: Your student certificate will be ready in 1-2 days.

  • When will my student card arrive?

Answer: It comes in late October / March. When the cards arrive, we will announce them on our website. Persons will receive their own delivery in return for signature.

  • Can ı have classes during the thesis process?

Answer: No, you need to complete all your required courses to start the thesis process.

  • When should I appoint a thesis advisor?

Answer: You can access this information from linked pages. For MSc: “Yüksek Lisans Süreci“, for PHd “Doktora Süreci

  • Can I have courses from different universities?

Answer: Yes, with the department's permission.

  • How many members of my defense jury must be from different universities?

Answer: For MSc students 1, for Ph.D. students, two jury members must be from different universities.

  • Can I appoint an advisor from a different university?

Answer: No. The advisor must be from Yeditepe University.

  • Can ı have another course with XXX 691?

Answer: Yes, you can have one more course.

  • How many dissertations will I follow?

Answer: At least three dissertations will be done.

  • How many dissertations can I make annually?



Journal Publication Requirements for Master's and Doctoral Programs

  • Is there a journal publication requirement for master's programs?

No, there is no journal publication requirement for master's programs.

  • What is the journal publication requirement for doctoral programs?

There is at least one journal publication requirement for the PhD programs. Based on the year of journal publication, the journal publication must be included in one of the SCI, SCI Expanded, SCIE, DAAI, SSCI, and AHCI indexes. Journal publications that are not in one of the SCI, SCIE, DAAI, SSCI, and AHCI indexes but are at least Q2 in Scopus are also accepted.

*For the field of mathematics, journal publications that are not in one of these indexes but are at least Q3 in Scopus are also accepted.

  • Is my journal publication accepted if it is in SCI, SCIE, DAAI, SSCI, and AHC but not Q1 or Q2?

Yes, it is not required to be Q1 or Q2 for the journal publication to be accepted; however, it must be included in the specified indexes.

  • Are books, book chapters, and patent applications accepted as journal publications?

No, these types of journal publications are not accepted.

  • Should my advisor's name be on the journal publication?

Yes, the journal publication must include the name of the thesis advisor. The journal publication must be produced by the PhD student's thesis topic/study with the advisor.

** In special cases, a petition stating that the advisor waives the journal publication and confirming that the journal publication is derived from the thesis work must be submitted to the Graduate School by the thesis advisor.

  • Does the first author have to be a thesis student in multi-authored journal publications?

Yes, the first author must be a thesis student in multi-author journal publications. In journal publications with more than one thesis student, each publication counts only for one student's thesis.

  • Does the journal publication have to be Open Access?

No, open access is not mandatory.

  • Can a patent application be counted as a journal publication?

No, a patent application cannot be counted as a journal publication.


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