Frequently Asked Questions

Candidate Student

  • Do you have non-thesis programs ?

Answer: Detailed information about our programs can be found from “” page.

  • Do you have programs with Turkish language ?

Answer: Detailed information about our programs can be found from “” page.

  • How many semesters do ı have to finish?

Answer: Graduate students have to complete the program at the end of 6 semesters, PhD students have to complete the program at the end of 12 semesters, and Integrated PhD students have to finish the program at the latest after 14 semesters.

  • Do you have MSc/PHd classes at evening?

Answer: We do not have evening classes. All our classes are between 09.00 and 18.00


  • How can ı choose courses?

Answer: You can select courses through the student information system (OBS) within the date range specified in the university’s academic calendar. In any problem do not hesitate to contact with institute.

  • How many courses can ı choose?

Answer: You can access to detailed information by “” page.

  • I am late for course selection time, what is my options?

Answer: You need to fill A7 course registration form and deliver it to institute as soon as possible. You can find this form at our website under the section of documents/petitions and forms.

  • I do not know who is my advisor?

Answer : You can access this information from OBS.

  • When do I have to submit my thesis after the defense?

Answer: There is a 1-month process to give your bind after the defense. Details of the process can be found on our web page “Tez Teslimi Süreci” adresimizden erişebilirsiniz.

  • Can ı deliver my thesis without bind if ı am late?

Answer: No you can not.

  • When does the Institute Board meet?

Answer: Unless an extraordinary situation occurs, the Board of Directors of the Institute convenes on the third week of each month.

  • Will my diploma be issued immediately after the Board?

Answer: Your diploma will be prepared in about 2 weeks.

  • Do you extend the military postponement?

Answer: Student certificate, transcript and postponement is done by Merkez Öğrenci İşleri.

  • How can ı get my OBS password and e-mail adress?

Answer: You can get OBS password and e-mail address by sending an e-mail to including your student number.

  • When can ı get my student certificate?

Answer: Your student certificate will be ready in 1-2 days.

  • When will my student card arrive?

Answer: It comes in late October / March. When the cards arrive, we will announce them on our website. Persons will receive their own delivery in return for signature.

  • Can ı have classes during thesis process?

Answer: No, to start thesis process you need to complete all your required courses.

  • When should I appoint a thesis advisor?

Answer: You can access this information from linked pages. For MSc: “Yüksek Lisans Süreci“, for PHd “Doktora Süreci

  • Can ı have courses from different university?

Answer: Yes, by the department permission.

  • How many members of my defense jury must be from different university?

Answer: For MSc students 1, for PHd students 2 jury member must be from different university.

  • Can ı appoint advisor from a different university?

Answer: No. Advisor must be from Yeditepe University.

  • Can ı have anouther course with XXX 691 ?

Answer: Yes you can have 1 more course.

  • How many dissertations will I follow?

Answer: At lesat 3 dissertations will be done.

  • How many dissertations ı can make annually ?
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