Application Process

Applications for 2021 Fall Term has started 

Deadline for online application
 14 July 2021
Last day to notify the Graduate School about oral exam results  29 July 2021
Announcement of accepted applicants  3 August 2021
English proficiency exam of accepted applicants  5 August 2021


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Applications to programs within the Graduate School can be made during application periods that are announced on the Graduate School website and on newspapers. The process to be followed by the applicants is summarized below:

  • Candidates complete their online applications at .
  • After the online application, candidates submit two copies of the application documents to the Graduate School to complete their application.
  • Upon completion of the application, candidates are interviewed by the graduate programs.
  • The list of candidates that are accepted to the programs are announced on the Graduate School web site.
  • M.Sc. program applicants who succeed in the interview but do not have a sufficient English proficiency score take the proficiency exam administered at the Graduate School. (Candidates who cannot succeed in this exam may enroll for the English Prepatory school to attain the required level of proficiency. However, Ph.D. program applicants are required to submit a proficiency score approved by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) to be admitted to the program.
  • Candidates accepted to the graduate programs complete their registration to these programs. For Turkish students who are accepted for the PhD programs,  scholarship (for the program package fee) is given.

Minimum requirements and documents for the application are listed below. In addition to the listed documents, submission of supplementary documents such as reference letters, recognition letter, CV, etc. is also recommended.

Application Documents M.Sc. Ph.D. Ph.D. on B.Sc.

Application Form

Reference Letter


Diploma * (Recognition Certificate for Students Studied Abroad)

Bachelor’s Degree Diploma Bachelor’s and M.Sc. Degree Diplomas Bachelor’s Degree Diploma
Transcript     CGPA: 3.00
ALES * (is required for Turkish)
GRE * (is recommended for foreigner)
ALES: 55
GRE: 149
ALES: 55
GRE: 149
ALES: 80
GRE: 156
English Proficiency *ª TOEFL IBT:66

* Declaration will be accepted during the application, original documents will be required for registration.

ª English Proficiency exams are not required for BSc graduates of Yeditepe University and those who graduated from other universities’ BSc programs in which the language of education is (100%) English for MSc candidates.)

Supplementary documents (reference letters, recognition letter, CV, etc.) may be required by programs during the application process


Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Graduate Program Package Fees – Turkish Students1,2

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Graduate Program Package Fees – Foreign Students

1.  For Turkish students who are accepted for the PhD programs,  scholarship (for the program package fee) is given.

2. Within the scope of sectoral cooperation, 25% discount is provided to company employees in all graduate programs. You can reach the contracted company list dated October 23, 2019 and application form from the links below.

Contracted Company List (For the current list, please contact Directorate of Career Development and Alumni Relations (

Discount Request Form

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