Yeditepe University Physics Department has been providing non-stop doctoral education since 2004. The program consists of a course, qualification and thesis. During this education, students are required to complete their compulsory courses in a maximum of 4 semesters by taking seminar courses, 5 elective physics courses and 2 free elective courses. Students who do not take the research methods course during their graduate studies are required to take this course during their doctorate. Students who are successful in the courses have to start their thesis work after the qualifying exam and complete this education in 12 semesters at the latest.

About Departmant

Gets a sound base for the main fields of physics such as Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism,

Gets the ability of interpreting, analysing, forming a synthesis and relationships between the main fields of physics and/or other sciences,

Obtains the education required for the measurements in scientific and technological areas and the contribution of physics in the industrial applications and on the macroscopic scale such as the society,

Follows the up-to-date scientific developments, makes the analysis/synthesis for the new ideas and evaluates them,

Uses the academic sources, the computer technology and the related devices,

Joins the working and research groups, also the scientific meetings, communicates well at the national and international level,

Gets the ability of creative and critical thinking, problem solving, researching, producing a new and original work, improving himself/herself in his/her own fields of interest,

Gains the concepts of ethics and responsibility. Undertakes the responsibility for the solutions to the problems related with his/her field as required for having an intellectual identity.  


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