About Department

To produce engineers who:

1. can contribute to existing knowledge with original studies

2. can do and manage research, development, and educational activities, in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


The competences of the graduates of the “PhD Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering” are as follows:

PO1. Comprehends and applies basic sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences at the highest possible level.

PO2. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in breadth and depth including the current trends of development.

PO3. Designs, implements and completes an original research process independently; manages this process.

PO4. Can reach and grasp the most recent information in a field, has a high level of competence in the necessary methodology and skills to do research in this field.

PO5. Performs a comprehensive work that results in a new scientific method or technological product/process development, a scientific and technological innovation, or an application of a known method to a new area.

PO6. Contributes to the literature of science and technology by publishing the results of academic studies in respectable academic media.

PO7. Can critically analyze, synthesize and evaluate the ideas and developments in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PO8. Can communicate effectively with the Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the wider scientific and social communities in written and spoken Turkish; can establish written, oral and visual communications, and can participate in discussions using one foreign language (English) at least at the General Advanced Level C1 of European Language Portfolio.

PO9. Evaluates scientific, technological, social and cultural developments, and transfers the outcomes to the society with scientific objectivity and ethical responsibility.

Application Requirements

You can access the application requirements from the link below.

Application Process


Master of Science Curriculum can be reached from here.

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