Spring 2022 Semester GSNAS Academic Calendar

Spring Semester


Financial registration for new and ongoing students


Course Registration for Spring Semester

14-18  February 2022

Start of Spring Semester

21 February 2022

Spring Semester Orientation Meeting

21 March 2022

Course Add-dop and Withdrawal Applications

2-4 March 2022

Deadline for Withdrawal Applications

13 April 2022

Final day of Courses

3 June 2022

Spring Semester Final Exams

6-10 June  2022

Deadline for the Announcement of Grades

14  June 2022

Spring Semester Make–up Exams

15-26 June 2022

Deadline for the announcement of Make-up Exam Grades

28 June 2022




Students who will Graduate at the end of Spring Semester


Last day for format control of thesis before defense* (Click here for thesiss submisison process) (For those who will attaend the 2021- 2022 Academic  Year Graduation Ceremony)

16 May 2022

Last day for submission of the hard copy of  thesis to Graduate Scool after defense (For those who will attend the 2021- 2022 Academic  Year Graduation Ceremony)

22 June 2022

PhD Students who will take the Qualifier Exam


Last day for the programs to declare the jury memmbers for the qualifier exam to Graduate School (D2 form)

27 June 2022

Qualifier exam dates (will be determined by the programs)

30 June- 6 July 2022

Last day for the programs to declare the results of  the qualifier exam to  Graduate School (D3 form)

7 June 2022

Last day for the programs to declare the Thesis Progress Commitee Members of students who have passed the qualifier exam to Garduate School (D4 form)

8 August 2022

Students Who Continue their Thesis Work


Last day for the submisison  of Thesis Progress Evaluation forms to Garduate School for PhD students who continue their thesis work (D5/D6 forms)

29 July 2022

New Submissions


Last day for elctronic applications for new students

Until July 25, 2022 at 17:00.

Oral Exams for applicants

 26-27 July 2022

Last day to declare  the results of the oral exams by programs to Garduate School

 29 July 2022

The announcement of admitted students

  2 August 2022

Foreign language exam for students admitted to the MSc programs

4 August 2022

 * Thesis format control has to be completed before defense

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