Research Areas

Prof. Dr. Nesrin Yardımcı Tiryakioğlu

       Structural Engineering

       Steel Structures

       Earthquake Resistant Design



Prof. Dr. Murat Monkul (

       Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

       Soil Liquefaction

       Experimental Soil Mechanics


Assoc.Prof. Hakkı Oral Özhan

       Geosynthetics, Polymer-Treated Soils, Biopolymers in Geotechnical Engineering

       Soil Improvement Techniques

       Environmental Geotechnics


Assist. Prof. Özden Saygılı

       Seismic behaviour of masonry structures

       Discrete element modelling

       Earthquake protection of cultural heritage


Assist. Prof. Eren Vuran

       Nonlinear modeling and analysis of structures

       Performance based design and assessment of structures

       Seismic design of high-rise buildings


Assist. Prof. Almıla Uzel

       Analysis and design of disturbed regions

       Shear design of RC members

       Design of post-tensioned transfer girders

       Influence of loading conditions on the shear strength of RC members

       Sustainable design of structures


Assist. Prof. Özgür Köylüoğlu

       Project Management Techniques

       Cost Estimation in Civil Engineering

       Project Finance in Civil Engineering

       Life Cycle Cost and Life Cycle Analysis for Sustainable Buildings

       Facilities Management in Real Estate


Assist. Prof. Börte Köse Mutlu

       Water supply and stromwater management

       Water and wastewater treatment

       Sustainable cities

       Infrastructure planning and management

       Environmental nanotechnology

       Membrane processes

       Recovery of critical elements from secondary sources


Assist. Prof. Adil Akgül

       Coastal structures: Planning, design and optimization

       Floating breakwaters

       Port design

       Wave-structure interaction

       Wave runup and overtopping

       Wave energy converters

       Marine hydrodynamics

       Marine renewables

       Offshore structures

       Wind energy

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