The Civil Engineering Master's program consists of a minimum of 21 credits of course work and a thesis. Most of the course load consists of elective courses and provides expertise in many areas. These areas are: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Coastal and Harbour Engineering, Sustainable Environment and Construction Management. The knowledge and experience gained in this program provides the ability to follow and apply current developments in various fields of the construction industry and to provide solutions to the problems encountered.


Educational Objectives


     The program aims to educate graduates who can produce solutions for extraordinary problems by specializing in any field of Civil Engineering; who are able to follow new applications in the world and lead the production and application of knowledge in the sector and who are competent to carry out post-graduate studies in academic programs.


Application and Admission


     Civil Engineering Masters Program is open to any candidate that holds a Bachelor of Science degree in any engineering field of four years undergraduate program. However, the candidates may be required to take some preliminary courses. In order for an applicant to be accepted to the program, it is required for him/her to be able to complete the preliminary courses in two semesters.

Applications should be made to Graduate School of Science and Engineering within the dates announced by the institute.

For  the documents required for application, check Application Process

For further information, check the website of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.


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