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M.Sc. Program

Chemical Engineering M.Sc. Program is comprised of 21 credits (129 ECTS) of course work and  the M.Sc. Thesis. To earn an M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering the candidate must complete the following requirements:

- Completion of the core courses: CHBE 512, CHBE 514 and CHBE 534 and one of the Research Methodology courses:  BTEC 550 or  ESYE 501 as an  Area Elective course
- Completion of two Departmental Elective courses and one Free Elective course
- Completion of the Non-credit (NC) CHBE 590 Graduate Seminar course
- Preparation and completion of the M.Sc. Thesis (CHBE 600) successfully.

Educational Purposes


The educational objectives of our program are for our graduates  to be qualified for executive, production, design and R&D positions  in  chemical and all -related industries and for  conducting  scientific research studies in the  Ph.D. programs of  high-quality national and foreign institutions and be capable of solving problems through systems approach.


The goals of the Chemical Engineering M.Sc. Program of Yeditepe University is to educate students to have a strong background in sciences and core chemical  engineering and  be capable of conducting  innovative and independent research  and be  aware of the societal  impacts of their professional practice.


- Acquire expanded and in-depth information  via performing scientific research in the field of Chemical Engineering, evaluate, interpret and implement knowledge.

- Be knowledgable in the contemporary techniques and methods applied in Chemical Engineering and their respective constraints.

- Be cognizant of the novel and developing applications of his/her profession, study and learn them as required.

- Formulate Chemical Engineering problems, develop methods to solve them and implement innovative techniques in solutions.

- Design and conduct analytical modeling and experimental research, analyze and interpret complex problems encountered in this process.

- Complete information via processing limited or incomplete data by the use of scientific methods and implement it; integrate knowledge from different disciplines

- Communicate in at least one foreign language at the level of European Language Portfolio B2 orally and in writing.

- Communicate stages and results of his/her studies in a systematic and clear manner orally or in writing in intra or interdisciplinary national and international  settings

- Defines societal and environmental aspects of Chemical Engineering applications

- Observe  social, scientific and ethical values during collection, interpretation, and dissemination of data and in all professional  activities.

- Lead multidisciplinary teams, develop  solution methodologies for complex problems and take responsibility

Application Requirements

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