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PhD Program (on M.Sc.)

Chemical Engineering PhD Program (on M.Sc.) is comprised of 21 credits (249 ECTS) of course work and the PhD Thesis. To earn a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering the candidate must complete the following requirements:

- Completion of the core courses: CHBE 512, CHBE 514, CHBE 534 and CHBE 562
- If a Research Methodology course is not completed during the M.Sc. study, completion of one of the Research Methodology courses:  BTEC 501 or  ESYE 501 as a Free Elective course and if the Research Methodology course is already completed, completion of one Free Elective course
- Completion of two Departmental Elective courses
- Completion of the Non-credit (NC) CHBE 690 Graduate Seminar course
- Succeeding the Qualifier Exam and completion of the Non-credit (NC) CHBE 691 Independent Study for Qualifying Exam course
- Preparation and completion of the PhD Thesis (CHBE 700) successfully.

Educational Purposes

Educational Objectives:

The educational objectives of this program are  to educate graduates to have careers in research and development departments of  national and international companies requiring expertise in special fields  and in academic institutes and can make constant progress in their profession.


The goals of the Chemical Engineering Department of Yeditepe University is to educate students to become chemical engineers with a doctorate degree who help develop novel Chemical Engineering Technologies, use advanced Chemical Engineering knowledge in behalf of human necessities, make  the research information to be used for the society from ethical and social point of view.


- Understand and apply fundamental sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences at high level. 
- Have a wide and deep knowledge in his/her field including the latest progresses.
- Reach the latest knowledge in the field and through its comprehension possess high level competence in required methods and skills for doing research.
- Ability to do an extensive study which brings novelty to science and technology, develop a new scientific method or technological product/process, or apply a known method to a new field.  
- Understand a genuine research process independently, design, apply and carry through; manage this process.
- Contribute to science and technology literature by publishing the outcomes of his/her academic studies in prestigious media.
- Able to do critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of ideas and progresses in his/her specialization.
- Able to communicate and discuss at high level orally, written and visually by using a language at least at the level of European Language Portfolio B2 orally and written.
- Able to communicate with persons in his/her career and widely with scientific and social ensemble orally and writtten.
- Able to evaluate scientific, technological, social and cultural developments and transfer them to society with senses of scientific disinterest and ethical responsibility.

Application Requirements

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