About Department

To produce engineers in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering who:

1. can do advanced research and development,

2. can apply the information acquired in the particular area of expertise.


The competences of the graduates of the “MSc Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering” are as follows:

PO1. Can reach information in breadth and depth, and can evaluate, interpret and apply this information to scientific research in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PO2. Can complete and apply information with scientific methods using limited or missing data; can integrate information from different disciplines.

PO3. Sets up Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems, develops and implements innovative methods for their solutions.

PO4. Develops new and/or original ideas and methods; finds innovative solutions to the system, component, or process design.

PO5. Has comprehensive knowledge about the state-of-the-art techniques and methods in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and their limitations.

PO6. Can design and conduct research of analytical, modeling or experimental orientation; can solve and interpret complex cases that come up during this process.

PO7. Can communicate verbally and in writing in one foreign language (English) at the General Level B2 of the European Language Portfolio.

PO8. Can assume leadership in multi-disciplinary teams; can develop solutions in complex situations, and take responsibility.

PO9. Can systematically and openly communicate in national and international venues the proceedings and conclusions of the work he/she performs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PO10. Respects social, scientific and ethical values in all professional activities performed during the collection, interpretation and announcement phases of data.

PO11. Is aware of new and emerging applications in Electrical and Electronics Engineering; investigates and learns them, whenever necessary.

PO12. Can identify the social and environmental aspects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering applications.

Application Requirements

You can access the application requirements from the link below.

Application Process


Master of Science Curriculum can be reached from here.

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