Since information technology and software systems have an important place in the economic development of countries, they are constantly growing. Nowadays, software systems, financial systems, commercial systems, health information systems, airline transportation, telecommunication systems, automotive engineering, etc. Computer and information systems used in almost every aspect of daily life, such as; It constitutes a very important and critical component of research and economics.

Due to the widespread use of computer, information and communication technology products in every sector and the lack of qualified manpower, many university graduates who are experts, in fields other than engineering and software engineering, work in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies and want to improve themselves. 

The target student population is not only graduates of engineering and other similar undergraduate programs, but also students from 4-year undergraduate programs other than engineering in Computer Science and Information Technologies fields, such as management information systems, information systems and technologies, information communication technologies, information security and technologies, and software development. They are graduates who have an associate degree, such as programming, or have completed a 4-year bachelor's degree in different fields.

Another goal of ours is to train academicians in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies. The proposed program, which is attractive to both national and international candidates, will contribute to meeting our country's need for qualified IT personnel in positions such as IT specialists and software developers, with its holistic approach.

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