About Department

The Biotechnology program was initiated on September 2011 in the Institute of Science and Engineering, at Yeditepe University. Through R&D and higher education facilities, the program aims to train individuals in finding creative solutions to the issues that society faces in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, food industry and environment, hence providing a trained workforce in the field of biotechnology.

The vision of the biotechnology program is to work in collaboration with international and national universities, Techoparks, and R&D Institutes in training and educating professionals, and to have a voice in the scientific and economical national politics by participating in industry oriented projects. 

Application Conditions

To apply for a master's program,  a Bachelor's degree must be held or expected to be held by the end of the term of application and the requirements given below must be met.

-  A minimum B.S. cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 out of 4.00.

-  A minimum score of 55 from ALES or 148 from GRE (Quantitative Reasoning).

- A minimum of 55 from YDS or 66 from TOEFL. Canditates who don’t have aforementioned scores are required to be successful in the Yeditepe University’s proficiency exam.

 - Candidates are required to be successful in the interview held by the department they are applying for.


The competences of the graduates of the “MSc Program in Biotechnology” are as follows:

LO1. Advanced level knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and bioengineering.

LO2. The ability of designing biological systems, analysis or process in order to meet up with the desired requirements/products.

LO3. The ability of identification and describing the engineering problems in biotechnology and bioengineering and proposing solution by making use of most up-to-date techniques and instruments.

LO4. The ability of working efficiently in interdisciplinary teams and being definitive in decision making process by taking responsibilities.

LO5. The ability of developing efficient communicating skills in the field of biotechnology and presenting oneself efficiently in social and scientific arena/platforms.

LO6. The ability to have occupational ethics and social responsibilities, intellectual conscious in areas of professional conversations, declarations, and applications.

LO7. The ability of perceiving occupational ethics and their implications on the society at legal and economic level.

LO8. The ability of retaining the necessity of lifelong education, learning, and improvement and gain the skills to achieve this.

LO9. The ability of perceiving the impact of bioengineering, genetics, and biotechnology products and solutions at the environmental, global and social levels.

LO10. The ability to express oneself in English orally and in writing at global platform.


Master of Science Curriculum can be reached from here.

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