Research Areas

Prof. Dr. Fikrettin Şahin: Detection, identification and characterization of plant, food and clinical microorganisms, Development of biological formulations for industrial uses, Stem cells and gene therapy and cancer research

Prof. Dr. Erhan Ayşan: General Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid, Parathyroid Organoid Research Laboratuary

Prof. Dr. F. Yeşim Ekinci: Characterization of interactions of bioactive compounds with lactic acid bacteria; and development of in vitro human gut model systems; development of innovative and rapid methods in microbiology including early detection, identification, and characterization of microorganisms in food system; production, optimization and mechanism of action of secondary metabolites produced by beneficial bacteria

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özilgen: Biothermodynamics, bioenergy efficiency, bioengineering, lifespan entropy

Prof. Dr. Gamze Torun Köse: Tissue engineering; Biomaterials and Surface Modification; Stem Cells; Drug or Growth Factor Release Systems and Gene Therapy; Organoid

Prof. Dr. Dilek Telci Temeltaş: Cancer Cell Biology: cancer cellular plasticity, and drug resistance, and cancer modeling, Cell Signaling Mechanisms, Endometrial Stem Cell Biology, Wound Healing and Fibrosis, Cell Adhesion and Migration

Prof. Dr. Metin Turan: Agricultural Biotechnology, Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition, Fertilizers and Fertilization, Environment and Ecology, Organic Agriculture and Carbon Footprint, Environmental Pollution and Waste Management

Prof. Dr. Ece Genç: Neuropharmacology, Parkison's disease, Pharmacogenetic

Prof. Dr. Feryal Subaşı: Sport  physiotherapy,  geriatric rehabilitation,  preventive physiotherapy,  community  based physiotherapy, plantar fasciitis, technology in rehabilitation

Prof. Dr. Gülderen Yanıkkaya Demirel: Immunnology (immunohematology, transplantation immunology), cytotoxicity testing for biomaterials, stem cell and related diseases, neuroimmunology (neurodegenrative diseases), flow cytometry, standardization

Prof. Dr. Soner Doğan: Epigenetic modifications, miRNA, DNA methylation, Obesity, Intermittent calorie restriction, cancer development, ageing, leptin, adiponectin, IGF-I and mTOR signaling pathways.

Associate Prof. Dr. Ali Özhan Aytekin: Biopolymer production and modification, Separation and Purification Technologies in Bioprocesses, Optimization, Scale-up

Associate Prof. Dr. Fatih Kocabaş: Hematopoietic stem cells, gene editing, regeneration, small molecule discovery

Associate Prof. Dr. Sanem Argın: Encapsulation, Electrospinning, Polymer rheology, Biostimulant applications in agriculture

Associate Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Doğan: Stem Cell, Pluripotent Stem Cell, Organoid Technology, Gene Therapy, Developmental Biology

Associate Prof. Dr. Emrah Nikerel: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Industrial Biotechnology, Systems Biology, Metabolomics

Associate Prof. Dr. Bilge Güvenç Tuna: Atherosclerosis, Vascular Ageing, Aptamer, Targeted Drug Delivery

Assistant Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Yazıcı Mutlu: Neurological Rehabilitation, Alzheimer's Disease, Motor Control and Motor Learning, Memory, Neuroanatomy

Assistant Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Çimen: Obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders and diseases, parkinson’s and alzheimer's diseases, aging, longevity, cancer, calorie restriction, boron, nicotinamide, kaempferol, quantitative proteomics, mitochondria, Sirtuins, mass spectrometry

Assistant Prof. Dr. Bahar Soğutmaz Özdemir: Plant Biotechnology, Transgenic Technology, Plant Tissue Culture, DNA Barcoding, Genomics-Transcriptomics-Metabolomics, Abiotic Stress, Agricultural Improvement

Assistant Prof. Dr. Mehmet Üçışık: Nanobiotechnology, Naomedicine, Drug Delivery Systems, Cell Targeting, Lipid and DNA based Nanoparticules, Emulsome, Leishmania, Drug Development on Cancer and Neural Cell Models, Characterization Methods on Nanoparticules, Microscopy Techniques, SEM, TEM

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