EU-COST LITHME Projesinden Yüksek Lisans ve Doktora öğrencilerine seyahat desteği

Subject: European linguists! Travel funding to prepare for the
‘human-machine era’

‘Language In The Human-Machine Era’ (LITHME) is a research network
funded by the EU COST programme ( We are here to
prepare linguistics and its various subfields for a time – probably
just a few years away – when “many millions of people will be …
wearing relatively unobtrusive … devices that offer an immersive and
high-resolution view of a visually augmented world”
( This along with other
technological advances – like highly intelligent chatbots, improved
machine translation, and automated text and speech generation – will
bring major challenges to the entire field of linguistics.

If you’re a linguist who is not currently interested in technology,
then now is the time to learn! Meanwhile if you’re a technologist
working on these technologies, then you and your creations will be
much better for understanding linguistics! We can all learn from each
other, which is where LITHME comes in. An equal mix of computational
linguists and other linguists from a broad range of subfields, we will
be arranging a series of meetings, events, and networking
opportunities for what lays ahead.

During the COVID travel restrictions we sadly can’t arrange large
in-person meetings. But COST also funds individual ‘Short-term
Scientific Missions’, where one researcher travels across borders to
learn and share knowledge. So for the time being we’re focusing on
these short term individual visits where cross-border travel is
allowed, and ensuring COVID safety protocols during the visit and
associated travel. Intended for novel dialogue as outlined above,
these visits should increase understanding and preparation for
language in the human-machine era.

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