Thesis Submission

Students who complete their theses should follow the procedure below to submit the theses:

1. The Thesis Committee Proposal Form prepared by the Program (Form D7 for Ph.D. and Form M3 for M.Sc.) is sent to the Grad School at least 3 weeks before the thesis defense date along with the following documents:

  i.  Spiral-bound copy of the thesis (The student prepares the thesis using the format required by the Grad School. The soft copies of thesis (word and pdf) are emailed to for thesis format control. .With the soft copies, the check list form (Form A8) signed by the advisor and the student is submitted to the Grad School. When control is completed in electronic environment, the hard copy of thesis is submitted to the Grad School.)

 ii. Plagiarism report (Click for the rules and regulations for obtaining the plagiarism report.)

iii. Up-to-date transcript of the student

2. After the approval of the Thesis Defense Committee by the Grad School Executive Board, committee members set a date and time for the defense.

3. The thesis defense announcement is emailed to at least two days before the defense date.

4. After the student defends the thesis before the committee, the Thesis Defense Meeting Report (Form D8 for Ph.D. and Form M4 for M.Sc.) is sent by the Program to the Grad School.

5. The student who is deemed successful by the Thesis Defense Committee makes the corrections demanded by the committee and sends a spiral-bound copy of the thesis to the Grad School for format check within the period announced on the Grad School calendar.

6. After the format of thesis is approved, the student submits the following documents to the Grad School within the period announced on the Grad School calendar.

  i. Hard-bound copy of the thesis with original signatures by the Thesis Defense Committee. (Format of Hard-bound)

 ii. CD that contains the following files (4 copies, are named by “Name Surname, Reference Number”):

a. Thesis copy in pdf format (is named by “Reference Number”)

b. English abstract of the thesis in pdf format

c. Turkish abstract of the thesis in pdf format

d. Turkish thesis approval page in jpeg format

iii. Turkish thesis approval page (Form D9 for Ph.D. and Form M5 for M.Sc.)

iv. Thesis data entry form (Using the link provided, the student should first become a member and activate the membership, and then complete and save the Thesis Data Entry Form. After a Reference Number is obtained, the form should be printed, signed and submitted to the Grad School.)

7. After all of the the documents in step (6) are submitted, the student is certified for graduation at the Grad School Board Meeting that immediately follows the submission.

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