Ph.D. Process

Registration for courses
(“student registration form” for scientific preparation, OBS for other courses)
(No later than the end of second term )
Appointment of thesis advisor
(3 weeks before the exam)
Appointment of qualifier exam jury
(Coursework must be completed)
The qualifier exam
(Form D3: signed proceeding form)
(When qualification exam is passed)
Registration for the thesis course each semester
(At the end of the semester, students continuing thesis work receive an ‘X’ while students completing thesis receive a ‘P’)
Appointment of jury for progress meetings (TIK)
Thesis progress review committee: 3 members (1 of them is from another department)
Proposal Meeting
(Form D5: Proposal form)
Progress Meeting
(Form D6: Signed proceeding form)
Appointment of Thesis Jury
Thesis defense
(Form D8: Signed proceeding form and Turkish Approval Page)
(After corrections)
Format check by the Grad School
Ph.D. Thesis grade is converted from X to P by the Grad School
Approval of Graduation by the Grad School Committe

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