Conference Papers

Conference Papers for the year 2017 are listed. Older Scientific Papers are reached with Conference Papers Before 2017.

No Degree (M.Sc. / Ph.D.) Name and Surname of Student Details of Publication Year
243 M.Sc. Avram Aruh A. Aruh, G. Cemali, G. T. Köse, E. Can, Poly(propM.Sc.ene fumarate) (PPF) Based Composites as Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering, 5th International Polymeric Composites Symposium and Workshops,  2-4 November, 2017, İzmir, Türkiye 2017
242 Ph.D. Görkem Cemali G. Cemali, G. T. Köse, E. Can, Development of Poly(proM.Sc.ene fumarate) (PPF), VinM.Sc. phosphonic acid (VPA) and VinM.Sc. phosphonic acid diethM.Sc. ester (VPES) Based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering(Poster), Society For Biomaterials 2017 Annual Meeting, April 5-¬8, 2017, Minneapolis, MN, USA 2017
241 M.Sc. Cemil Cem Gürsoy, Abdullah Yıldız A.Yıldız, C.C.Gursoy, S. Gören. Fault Emulation on Heterogeneous Architectures. International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (UBMK’2017), Oct. 5-8 2017 2017
240 M.Sc. Yusuf Türk Y. Turk, S. Gören, Gamified Self-Paced E-Learning Platform for Computer Science Courses. 9th International Conference ICT Innovations (ICT’2017), Sept. 21-23, 2017 2017
239 Ph.D. Fatih Özkul Ozkul F, Barkana DE, Maşazade E. Admittance filter parameter adjustment of a robot-assisted rehabilitation system (RehabRoby). In Mechatronics and robotics engineering for advanced and intelligent manufacturing 2017 (pp. 87-96). Springer, Cham. 2017
238 M.Sc. Veysel Yaman Akgün Akgün VY, MaŞazade E. Realization of field estimation with sensors designed using low power and low cost components. InSignal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2017 25th 2017 May 15 (pp. 1-4). IEEE. 2017
237 M.Sc. Yunus Palaska Palaska Y, Erdogan H, Ekenel HK, Masazade E, Barkana DE. Distinguishing levels of challenge from physiological signals for the robot-assisted rehabilitation system, RehabRoby. InElectrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), 2017 IEEE 30th Canadian Conference on 2017 Apr 30 (pp. 1-4). IEEE. 2017
236 Ph.D. Engin Yiğit Yiğit E, Uçak C. Investigation of IEC thermal models of power transformers. InElectrical and Electronics Engineering (ELECO), 2017 10th International Conference on 2017 Nov 30 (pp. 100-104). IEEE. 2017

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