Application Results for 2020 Fall Term

English Proficiency Exam for accepted applicants(M.Sc.) is scheduled on Monday, July 20th 2020 will be conducted online at 03:00 pm. An email with name and surname is need to be sent until 14th July 2020, 05.00 pm to for applying English Proficiency Exam. For registration, required documents are listed below:

Original and photocopy of diploma
Original and photocopy of transcript
Original and photocopy of national ID card
3 photos
Proof of residency
Certificate of military service for male applicants
Copy of ALES (is mandatory for Turkish applicants) or GRE result (is recommended for foreign applicants)
English proficiency document (YDS,TOEFL)
Accepted Applicants with Conditional Admission have to submit the missing documents until the deadline of registration.

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